Breaking: We are accepted into B22 Bluster Cluster!

Hold on to your body parts, it's about to get wild in here!
Your WG Winners Club has so much new news, its breathdefying.

1)  We are proud to announce that this Winners Club Blog has been accepted... into the
Btwotwo Bluster Cluster!
  • More to come on what this means, for you, and for soon to be victoriously retired President Trump.
2)  Planning has begun for his Golden Retirement Piece Cruz, honoring DJT-45's historic decision to step down on or before the cruise booking deadline, October 9, 2018.
How would you like to join us for the wildest, squeakiest, classiest party ever seen on Earth?

3) This week we formally opened investigations into two possibly linked crimes:

a) Theft of the Golden Eagle from Ron Shore of Vancouver, BC, Canada, on May 29, 2016.

b) Centuries of Fraud regarding compostion of Earth's satellite, commonly called "The Moon."

4) It's official!  The Inner Winners have finalized the 2018 Winners Club Levels and Bonus Clusters


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