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GrunDial One

Season Two of Karen Says Episode One :  Karen Explains Hatred Dramatis Personae Dolph X - (Dolphin) cousin of Malcom -  Confidently ignorant, well meaning, respects scientology.      A simple country dolphin.   He's got stories. Karen Witbred (Flamingo) - High strung host of "Karen Says", K-Dub talks plenty fast. (Racisaurus) Rex (Rodriguez) -  Typical racisaurus, trying hard to improve himself.   Horrible digestive gas issues. Olly-O (Orca) -  Friendly orca from Wellington NZ.  Sensible, curious, respectful. Danny (female, wears glasses), full name is Danilova but she ain't gonna tell you that.  She prefers Danny.  Secretly Canadian. ---------------------------- Scene 01 On the set of Karen Says ---------------------------- Olly: Look at me Rex.  I'm blek.  I'm an orca.  What do you think about thet? Rex: I like you Olly, and I respect you.  I like living here in Gronyonville, with you. I am ( inhales ) just a grunyon who loves other